My Must-Have Chrome Extensions


If you're a creative or small business owner, you likely spent A LOT of time on your computer. And, if you're anything like me, you likely are in Chrome for a good chunk of that time. I love Chrome mostly for its extensions (honestly, I used Safari until I started seeing the benefits of using Chromes extensions.) For me, I love anything that can help keep me productive and save me time- and these apps and extensions have done just that for me.

Grammarly for Chrome (free version)

On top of spending a lot of time just on random websites, I also spent a lot of time in my inbox writing and sending emails. For the most part, these end up being to clients or potential clients- so I want to make sure what I'm writing has correct spelling and grammar usage. This extension allows me to type just as I would normally, but with a much better checker than the built in autocorrect on Mac. Get here.

Full Page Screen Capture

As a web designer, I need to pull graphic versions of entire websites pretty frequently. Whether it's one I'm making and want to send my client a snippet of it in progress, or I'm pulling one already live but want to include as a static image in my portfolio - it's really great to be able to screen grab an entire website instead of just what's above the fold. I use this one.

Pin It Button

I love Pinterest, I'm guessing you love Pinterest (I mean really, who doesn't?) This extension allows me to pin things from all over the web. Super simple, super useful.

Google Keep

Apparently this is one of Googles best-kept secrets because I hadn't heard of it until recently. Basically, its post it notes online, and as soon as I read this post, I was sold on the whole thing.


If I remember correctly, it was Melyssa who I first heard talk about the Pomodoro technique for productivity,  and it makes perfect sense to me. Focus entirely on ONE task for 25 minutes and then you take a short break. This extension seems to be a little wonky still, but their online application works fine. I'll probably do a little research and try to find a better one in the future, maybe Pomello (it's the Pomodoro technique for Trello users!)


I'm terrible at managing my own business social media, even though I'm constantly stressing its importance to my clients. I have an account with Buffer and when I'm using it actively, I love the Buffer extension.