Podcasts To Get Me Through My Work Day

The Lively Show with Jess Lively

I found The Lively Show a few months ago, and seriously, it's my absolute favorite. Her tagline: "Add a little extra intention to every day" just spoke to me and honestly, that's how I've felt about every podcast I've listened to on her show. I've learned so much from her and the people she interviews on living, running a business, and being an intentional woman. Whether you're looking for something to help hone in on your self-care, wellness, relationships, money, blogging, and business...she has something for you. Two of my favorites have been the interview with Jessica Turner and her interview with Jen Gotch.

Your Business Is Your Life

Ok, so I am obsessed with everything Rachel Rodgers does (if you aren't on her email list yet, you need to be!) and her podcast with Ariane Trelaun is incredible. They're funny, smart, and provide insight on motherhood, business, and all things in between - and how those things all work together to create a balanced, fulfilling life that you actually WANT to live. Their episode on living intentionally was so eye opening to me (I'm pretty sure I laughed and cried while listening to it). As a mama-to-be and a small business owner, I can totally jive with this power duo.

Make It Happen

Want to listen to a beautiful, intelligent woman speak to you in an adorable British accent about living a creative life? Look no further. Jen Carrington, the host of Make it Happen, is the lady for you. I've really appreciated Season 2 of this as Jen covers what it's live to recover from a creative burnout. Though most of the time I believe "work/life balance" is a total myth, Jen might be the best example of someone actually living that.

Invisible Office Hours

Jason Zook and Paul Jarvis are two of my favorite guys to follow on the internet. They talk about tons of different things that people in the creative industry will find super useful, but personally, I love listening just to make sure I never miss Jason talk about money. I HATE talking about money, but Jason has managed to make it one of my favorite things to think about, talk about, plan about, whatever. (You can hear him and his lady talk about $$ here). Anyways, these guys have conquered the internet and are sharing their insights right here.

The Minimalists

Interested in living a meaningful life with less stuff? Joshua and Ryan have pretty much coined this movement and are here to chat all about it. Their podcast is great, but I'd start with their "Start Here" page if you're really interested in diving into Minimalism. Also, side note, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is totally worth picking up if you haven't already. It helped me come to terms with letting go of things that I don't actually need.