It's like a dating app...but for roommates 


about the project

I was approached by the founder of Renthoop in the very beginning stages. They did not have a brand, a working application, or even a landing page when we met. Over the course of 4 months, I branded the company, designed all screens of the iOS application, and created a landing page to launch their company. 

lex's role

  • Branding
  • UX strategy
  • UI design (iOS) 
  • Creative Direction

The Onboarding experience


the strategy  

Simplify the process of finding roommates- okay, so finding a roommate sometimes feels like a full time job, and ain't nobody got time for that. By only being matched with people you were also interested in living with, in the same city, and in the same price range - you could speed up the process so much! You could theoretically find a roommate as quickly as finding a Tinder date.  

Make the process of finding roommates less creepy- when talking to people about their biggest complaints about finding roommates, and being a team of people who had all at one-point-or-another had been on the search for a roommate- the biggest complaint was how creepy it all seems. Craigslist was really the only place anyone knew to even look for a roommate, and that was less than ideal. By providing a place where people showed their profile pictures, you could see their Facebook friends and other relevant details, and chat all within the app - we made the entire experience feel safer and much more personal. 

Integrate social media as much as possible! Though Facebook was the only sign-up option, we also included an Instagram API connection as well as the ability to share the app on Twitter (and Facebook). This not only helped people feel more connected to potential roomies, but also helped spread the word of Renthoop. 

key features

Social Sharing- for Renthoop to really work, we knew that it would take a large following of users in the same area to be using it at the same time. We encouraged users throughout their experience to share that they were looking for a roommate on their own social media while linking back to a Renthoop download link. 

Easy signup- our signup process only had one option, sign up with Facebook. This left the guess work out of how to sign-up and login, as well as helping us match people in the same cities and with friends-of-friends.

"Tinder-like" app gestures appeal to target users. Since the majority of our marketing efforts were geared towards college students and young adults, we felt that providing a way to navigate the app in a way that was already comfortable for users would significantly help user engagement.